Zero Carbon Emissions!

O&E are delighted to be at the forefront of our home city of Hull since they declared a Climate Emergency in 2019 and their subsequent vision Hull 2030 Carbon Neutral Strategy. 

In our own businesses both  O&E Services and Ideal Lights FM are proud to support Hull’s 2030 carbon neutral goal.   We are as close to carbon neutral as we can currently be.  We have got there  by:

– 100% of our vehicles are now electric
– All our lighting is LED
– Our electricity is provided through green energy
– Energy efficient heating
– Paperless orientated automated working systems
– We have a full Recolite recycling facility and licensed waste carriers so we responsibly dispose of lighting tubes that have reached their end of life.

The city’s aim is to be net zero for carbon emissions by 2030, a goal that we share and support.  With our own hard earned experience of achieving the lowest carbon footprint possible we are in a great position to advise and guide you.  We love our city, and protecting it means protecting the environment which results in our focus on reducing  our impact runs through everything we do. By choosing us as your supplier, this part of your supply chain will be almost net zero already. We will continue to improve throughout the duration of the framework, supporting the 2030 strategy in all we do.

Firstly, our fleet of vans in Hull is wholly made up of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). These emit zero carbon, keeping air in the city clean and minimising our carbon footprint.

We specialise in upgrading buildings to extremely efficient LED lights, reducing not only emissions but running costs. In our own office we use motion sensors and oil-filled heaters to reduce our energy use as much as possible.

Our sister company, Ideal Lights FM Ltd raison d’etre is to reduce costs and your carbon footprint. The business is able to provide an environmental report for any of your buildings, detailing energy usage, carbon emissions, and the expected impact of any lighting upgrades. 

In terms of waste, we focus on the 3 Rs which are reduce, reuse, and recycle. This means our landfill contributions are close to zero. We are a licenced waste carrier and this includes any old lighting that is removed. Once waste is returned to our offices, it is split to be disposed of in the most ethical way:

  • Old lighting equipment is stored in our on-site Recolight container. This allows us to collect old lamps and tubes safely, and is collected on a regular basis by Recolight, who recycle and dispose of the waste safely and ethically.
  • Scrap metal is also separated, and sent to trades for reuse and recycling.-
  • Cardboard and any other packaging recyclables are sent to dedicated recycling facilities.
  • We also focus on reducing the amount of waste we generate by using suppliers with environmentally friendly packaging materials. For example, we have a preference for suppliers who use cardboard rather than plastic.

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